This book 362 pages, is a presentation of not only the life and accomplishments of Maimonides/Rambam (1135-1204) but for the very first time offers a most accurate insight into the true thinking of this towering mind, IN HIS VERY OWN WORDS. 

The core of this book is all Maimonides OWN WORDS, on the topic of Ethics, Morals and Values, gathered from what HE considered, his most monumental and powerful accomplishment, the 14 volume, Mishneh Torah – Yad Hachazakah. 

Maimonides was the greatest Jewish philosopher and legal scholar of the medieval period. He was an astronomer, physician, logician, mathematician, leader, Rabbi, father, brother, husband, son, world traveler, historian ---- and outstanding mind, an exceptional human being. Maimonides had a significant influence on both the Christian and as well the Moslem faith. 

Maimonides was more than a colossal genius; he was literally a Godly man. In all that he did and taught, God was always on his mind and on his lips. 

To the end of his days, he was always fine-tuning the Mishneh Torah, which was written as a guide to living according to the dictates of God, for all people and for all time.

This book, Maimonides/Rambams' Advice for the 21st Century, is a living guide, especially useful for/in our time when there is such a dearth of leadership and a confusion regarding what constitutes proper ethics, morals, and values. Based on authentic wisdom and eternal truths the information within will shed light for any perplexed soul, anyone, trying to figure out a happier better way, through the confusions of this journey we call life. 

The book was designed in four levels, with the information served in small snippets -- so every person – beginners to pros will be able to draw ideas, illumination and inspiration from these very wise words, from a person, who is unparalleled in every imaginable discipline of knowledge.

This book can be classified as a book on philosophy, self-help, Jewish Law, and biography. Reading this book, you will have the most authentic taste within yourself of everything Maimonides was and is about. Applying these teachings, will give you the secret to a meaningful purposeful life. A life that has value and therefore worthy of self-fulfillment, happiness and contentment. 

The book begins with a short chronology of Maimonides life. A foreword written by Maimonides himself. The introduction, which describes in more detail the life and accomplishments of Maimonides and specifically the uniqueness of the Mishneh Torah – Yad Hachazakah. 

There are five chapters to the book. 

Chapter One; Men, Women, Marriage, & More.
Chapter Two; Ethics and Moral behavior.
Chapter Three; Thoughts and their very real energy, Influence and Impact.
Chapter Four; The Holiness of Israel and Jerusalem.
Chapter Five; General Guidance for daily living.