Lecturer & Speaker
to excite & enthrall your audience.

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is an excellent speaker/lecturer and has over 30 thirty years experience as a pulpit and community Rabbi . Rabbi Ezagui has lectured on every subject imaginable related to spirituality, Torah and its observance.

In "Maimonides Advice for the 21st Century", in addition to the short attention given to the actual life and mind of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon there are over 1000 quotes from the Rambam/Maimonides magnum Opus Mishneh Torah. These aphorisms/bits of advice, cover every area of life from  birth to death - marriage- family - finances - law - Israel - power of thought  - Ethics - Morals -  and values to live by. This book includes Maimonides very own words of advice on the meaning and purpose of life, the priorities and attitudes/mindset one should approach and view ones own life. 

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is prepared (with some notice :-)  to speak and lecture on any subject mentioned above using his book and the advice of Maimonides as a platform for his talks. Rabbi Ezaguis emphasis is always on the deed, the actual take home steps that will lead one to a more blessed happy &  meaningful, value rich life and
any logical (scientific)  rational reasons to illuminate the subject, and answer, "WHY"?  


I have known Rabbi Ezagui for many years, and have been a student in his Talmud class for several years. The class is very diverse and lively.

Rabbi Ezagui is more knowledgeable of Talmud, Torah and Jewish history than anyone else I know.

In addition to his knowledge, Rabbi Ezagui has a rare ability to encounter every student in a way that is personal to him.

To the student who looks for contradictions in the passage we are learning, he is patient and explains the inner logic of the passage, without becoming defensive.

To the Israeli, who is looking for practical answers about what the law requires, he provides practical answers, sometimes in Hebrew, and has even offered a special class in Shulchan Aruch.

To the Reform students who want a deeper understanding of Judaism, he offers answers to basic questions without ever seeming condescending, and to the Orthodox students who know a lot, he provides affirmation, and adds to their knowledge.

He combines his extensive knowledge of Jewish law, history and spirituality with a rare ability to reach every student in an individualized manner.

Mr. Gary Walk Attorney
Harvard & Yale Graduate. 
Ciklin & Lubitz



Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui has the uncommon ability to make complex ideas easy to understand, for scholars and laymen alike.

 This is particularly relevant to Torah and Halachic concepts. His classes are always incredibly educational and stimulating. We are very fortunate to have him as our Rabbi.  

Ken Kessler
Engineer @ Northrop Grumman
Worked on the Lunar Module and the F14  fighter Jet. 

It is with great pleasure that I  recommend for your consideration, as a speaker, Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui.

I have known the Rabbi for many years. He is the head of a bustling orthodox congregation in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Far from being only an expert on the Torah, Talmud, and Jewish customs, the Rabbi has long shown a strong interest in many secular fields, such as history, philosophy, science, politics and business;

I have frequently debated with him in these and many other subjects and I have greatly profited from our exchanges. He has always shown a penetrating understanding, demonstrating his keen intellect and humor.

As the father of a large family, he is certainly familiar with the trials and tribulations  of domestic life. With relatives and friends in many countries,  he is well aware of what is going on the world, and is fluent in many languages. He is a recently naturalized American citizen with strong devotion to this country and interest in its many problems.

You and your listening audience will be rewarded and enriched by his knowledge and compassion for humanity.

Lawrence Rothenberg, MD